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A Superior Conductive Ink

High Performance Conductive Copper Ink Solutions

Anti-Corrosive & Anti-Oxidative

Sintering as Low as Room Temperature

Conductivity as high as 50%  IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard)

Lower Cost than Traditional Materials

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What We Offer

As use of conductive inks become more accessible, we provide industrial solutions for applications including screen printing, direct writing and aerosol jetting.

Why Choose Copprium

Low Temperature Substrates

We offer numerous formulations but our most popular is the low sinter temperature conductive ink, with sinter temperatures as low as room temperature.

High Performance at a Competitive Cost

Our materials perform in a wide range of applications including at high temperatures. It also has a bulk load as high as 2X for some ink formulations. Our inks are also environmentally friendly.

Shelf Stable

Our products do not have strenuous shipping and storage requirements, meaning it is stable at room temperature for over 1 year and does not require cold storage.

Solves Issues with Traditional Conductive Inks

We solve common traditional conductive ink issues including cost, corrosiveness, oxidation, processing, solderability and more.

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Our Products (Coming Soon)

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Processing Methods
  • Screen Printing & Flexography
  • Direct Writing & Extrusion
  • Aerosol Jetting
  • & More​


Sample Substrates



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