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A Superior Conductive Ink

High Performance Conductive Copper-Based Ink Solutions

Anti-Corrosive & Anti-Oxidative

Low-Temp Sinter in Ambient Conditions with No Chemicals Needed

Conductivity as high as 80%  IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard)

Lower Cost than Traditional Materials

Why Choose Copprium's Inks

Low Temperature Substrates

We provide a variety of formulations tailored to different needs, but one of our most sought-after products is our low sinter temperature conductive ink. Specifically engineered to achieve superior conductivity, this innovative ink can be sintered at temperatures as low as 80 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal choice for applications involving temperature-sensitive substrates.

High Performance at a Competitive Cost

Optimal performance without breaking the bank: Our materials are engineered to deliver exceptional performance across a diverse array of applications, even under high-temperature conditions. Plus, our commitment to sustainability means our inks are not only competitively priced but also environmentally friendly.

Shelf Stable

Our products are designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. With a shelf life of over a year at room temperature, our conductive inks do not require any cold storage, eliminating strenuous shipping and storage requirements. This ensures not only cost savings but also maintains the product’s quality and effectiveness over time.

Solves Issues with Traditional Conductive Inks

Traditional conductive inks come with their fair share of challenges, from cost and corrosiveness to oxidation, processing hurdles, and solderability. At Copprium, we've engineered our inks to address and overcome these common issues, offering a superior alternative that enhances efficiency and performance across the board.

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Our Mission

     At Copprium, we are revolutionizing the conductive ink industry. As the demand for conductive inks skyrockets across a range of applications, from screen printing to aerosol jetting, we provide innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our specially formulated copper-based inks not only offer a seamless, plug-and-play alternative to traditional silver-based inks but also overcome their limitations, such as solderability, cost, and price volatility.

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