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Copprium, Inc. Receives Innovation Award at TechConnect 2023 Technology Conference

Copprium Launches Sample Program for Conductive Inks at Annual Government Showcase

Buffalo, NY, 06/26/2023 — Copprium, Inc. participated in this year’s TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo, where their Flexible Conductive Ink solutions were recognized with an award for Innovative Technology. Copprium, a startup company from the University at Buffalo’s Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships team, aims to bring its portfolio of patented technology, created in Dr. Shenqiang Ren’s University at Buffalo labs, to market.

At the core of Copprium’s award-winning innovation is a collection of patented nano-technology ink formulations that enable conductive circuits to be applied using 3D printing techniques. Conductive inks contain electrically conductive materials specifically formulated to allow electrical current to flow through them. These inks serve as plug-and-play replacements for high-cost silver and copper in traditional electronic applications, particularly when flexibility is required.

The primary benefit of conductive ink is the ability to create electrical pathways on various surfaces, known as substrates, such as paper, plastic, fabric, or even glass. These additive electronic pathways can be used to establish connections between electronic components, create circuitry, or build conductive traces for sensors, antennas, touch-sensitive surfaces, and other electronic devices.

“Our Conductive Inks are opening the door to a wide range of new uses and products,” said Brian Bischoff, founder and CEO. “From wearable medical sensors to hypersonic aircraft, Copprium's conductive inks provide our customers with competitive and cost-effective advantages, such as reduced oxidation and corrosion, as well as improved performance.”

“TechConnect supports the commercialization of technology solutions like ours by bringing together customers, investors, and government groups in search of innovative differentiators,” said Edward Tierney, board advisor at Copprium. “TechConnect was a great opportunity to launch our sample program, and the interest in participating has far exceeded our expectations.”

To learn more about TechConnect programs and Awards, please visit: TechConnect Awards Link

About Copprium

Copprium, Inc., a spin-out from the University at Buffalo’s Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships office, is innovating new methods of applying electronic circuitry that are solderable, anti-corrosive, antioxidative, and can be sintered at room temperature or even lower. Using Copprium conductive inks, manufacturers can print electronic pathways on a wide range of materials and flexible surfaces where traditional subtractive processes fall short.

For more information, visit: Copprium Website

About the University at Buffalo Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships

The University at Buffalo’s Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships (BEP) team is in the business of building stronger businesses. We help companies save money, accelerate R&D, solve complex challenges, bring new products and services to market, create jobs, and build talented teams — all to expand the innovation economy in Western New York and beyond.

For more information, visit: University at Buffalo BEP Website


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